Transport Operator Feedback

We have 3 consultations currently open:

1. ASSET FEEDBACK :Do you know of assets with restrictions or detours for certain vehicle configurations?

2. ASSET POP-UP :What asset data fields should we include to help you plan your journey?

3. PRIORITY ROUTES :Where would you like to go?

Please give us feedback about routes where asset capability may restrict heavy vehicle access to the broader road network. 

Note: the SLGAAP focus is on assets owned by local councils, any feedback on state-controlled assets will be forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Follow these easy steps to add a new asset or comment on an existing asset:

Step 1 - Locate the asset on the map.

Step 2 - Drag and drop the issue icon from the right side onto the asset on the map (or add assets via GIS coordinates).

Step 3 - In the pop-up box, select the + Make a comment button.

Step 4 - In the Add Comment* field, type a comment relating to the asset.

This may include:

• type of heavy vehicle configuration (including mass and dimensions)

• previously refused applications

• known issues/concerns with the asset.

Step 5 - Select the Add Comment button to finalise adding the asset. For more information about the project and nominating assets, view the Information Sheet.

  • Australia

    Please identify bridges and culverts by dragging a drop pin from the right-hand panel and placing it on the location. Register to vote/comment on any suggested asset.

The following asset data is currently displayed on the Route Planner. What other fields would be useful to view when planning your journey?