SLGAAP Round 1

Project Overview

Round 1 was planned based on the key learnings and approaches tested during thePilot Phase.

Outcomes of Round 1 will include:

  • Data provision – enabling road asset data via GIS
  • Develop/deliver the Advancement of a Road Manager Toolkit to support future engineering assessments.
  • Uploading and sharing asset assessments and GIS data.

How to get involved

1. Local Government  

Round 1 is now closed
Local councils were invited to express their interest in participating in Round 1 of the project in May 2020.

Formal nominations were collected via the Asset Nomination Survey 21 September – 2 October 2020, with an extension of the survey until 14th October. We are unable to accept nominations past this date for including in Round 1 of the project.          

For any local governments who did not apply in Round 1 and would like to register interest in possible future rounds of asset assessments, please nominate here.

Processing Round 1 nominations

More than 85 local governments submitted assets in SLGAAP Round 1, nominating over 900 bridges and culverts for engineering assessment.

The SLGAAP team is now reviewing the asset data, including:
1.    Validating the asset data provided
2.    Considering the access improvements related to OSOM and the overall heavy vehicle network
3.    Prioritising funding to provide value-for-money outcomes to support national heavy vehicle access.
Considering the high level of interest and volume of nominated assets, it is expected that all local governments will be notified about the success of their nominations for SLGAAP Round 1 by the end of November.                

2. All industry - Nominate an asset on the interactive map

The NHVR SLGAAP team is currently calling for the heavy vehicle industry to provide feedback and get involved by nominating assets on local government heavy vehicle routes. Follow these easy steps to add a new asset or comment on an existing asset:

Step 1 - Locate the asset on the map.

Step 2 - Drag and drop the issue icon from the right side onto the asset on the map.

Step 3 - In the pop-up box, select the + Make a comment button.

Step 4 - In the Add Comment* field, type a comment relating to the asset. This may include:

  • type of heavy vehicle configuration (including mass and dimensions)
  • previously refused applications
  • known issues/concerns with the asset.

Step 5 - Select the Add Comment button to finalise adding the asset.

For more information about the project and nominating assets, view the Information Sheet. 

2. Nominate an asset

  • Australia

    Please identify bridges and culverts by dragging a map marker from the right-hand panel and place on the location. Register to vote/comment on any existing map marker.

    View & Suggest Assets

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