SLGAAP Pilot Phase


How Jurisdictions can support the project:

  • Share project information with transport operators
  • Promote the benefits of the project to industry
  • Provide road asset data if available and on request
  • Assist with the identification of key heavy vehicle routes

Based on self-nomination, analysis of data and discussions with jurisdictions and local government associations, several local councils have expressed interest in participating in the pilot.

Further screening was conducted on the nominated assets to qualify their suitability for the project on a case by case process. The project team utilised bridge engineering assessment standards to filter nominated assets as well as information regarding OverSize/OverMass (OSOM) heavy vehicle movements across the structures.

Due to COVID-19 the Pilot Phase has required adaptation and flexibility, however is still on target to achieve the target deliverables. Some assessment tasks from Phase 1 may roll into Phase 2 due to social distancing requirements and are subject to change based on external factors.

Councils can opt-in if they want to be considered to participate in the program, by emailing or visiting the Phase 2 project phase.