SLGAAP Vehicle Comparison tool for Bridges (VCB) formerly ARAT

Currently there are more than 24,000 bridges being managed by local government in Australia, and there is an increasing demand for heavy vehicle access through the local government road network. To aid local council with assessing heavy vehicle access permit applications, the Strategic Local government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) has developed the Vehicle Comparison tool for Bridges (VCB) formerly known as the Asset Rapid Assessment Tool (ARAT).

The VCB was implemented to provide road managers with a simple 'line model heavy vehicle comparison tool' that can provide the means to compare vehicles that are requesting access to vehicles that they believe to represent a bridge’s capability. The process allows associated data sources for bridge capability (e.g., bridge assessments, bridge families, historically granted access vehicles, pre-approved/gazetted vehicles, etc.) to be used to deliver a data driven approach to access consent decision making. 

The VCB is a tool to help assess permit application vehicles, compared to a set of vehicles that local government road managers, are comfortable with, to travel over bridges on an ongoing basis. The goal of the VCB is to perform Tier 1 vehicle comparison assessments to support local government agencies in undertaking fast and reliable vehicle comparison assessments. The tool calculates and compares the line model effects of an application vehicle requesting access to a set of reference vehicle/s which represent the bridge’s capability.

There is an opportunity to be involved in the early staged release of the tool or participate in user testing. If you would like to nominate to be involved, please contact us.