Priority Routes

Priority Heavy Vehicle Route Map

This map is an important tool to ensure the project is funding engineering assessment for assets on priority routes that play a critical role in transporting freight and connecting regions and communities across Australia.

The Priority Heavy Vehicle Route Map layer will:

  • Highlight asset assessments to support existing access and provide new access opportunities focused on route outcomes rather than assessing individual structures on different routes.
  • Identify strategic corridors and provide local government road managers with heavy vehicle access-related asset data to support their decision-making.

Help Build the Map

We are collaborating with councils through meetings and regional workshops to verify the priority heavy vehicle route map and find any new routes that may need adding.

Please help us by attending these meetings and sharing your advice, local expertise and experience. To find out what priority heavy vehicle routes have been identified in your area and to arrange a meeting to review and discuss, don't hesitate to contact the project team via email Councils can also nominate a route by taking the .

If you are from industry and would like to let us know if there are any routes that may be restricted for travel, specifically due to asset capacity, you can do so by taking the 

It is planned for the Priority Heavy Vehicle Route Map to be publicly available in the NHVR Portal 2023-2024.

Dataset Methodology

The NHVR’s Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Program (SLGAAP) have recently identified 2000+ priority heavy vehicle routes on local government-owned roads.

Priority heavy vehicle routes were identified based on a comprehensive literature review and analysis of several existing open-source datasets. Routes are currently being prioritised using a multi-criteria assessment approach based on their alignment to freight and land use connectivity, regional network access, heavy vehicle demand and traffic composition, functional classification or road hierarchy, lifeline function, and strategic alignment.