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Who is SLGAAP?

The Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) began in late 2019 with $7.96 million in grant funding from the Australian Government to assist road managers with assessments of assets on key local government roads. Under the SLGAAP Phase 1, 394 bridge and culvert assessments were completed. Based on this success, an additional $12.1 million in funding was received in May 2021 to continue the project over the next three years. A further round of funding was announced in the May 2023 Budget to extend the project. 

The project will improve heavy vehicle access by:

  • Identifying current and potential key heavy vehicle routes on local roads
  • Assisting local governments with the management of road asset data related to heavy vehicles
  • Providing a central database that contains information on the road asset information and the use of heavy vehicles.

What is the status of the project?

Phase 2 commenced in January 2022 and is currently ongoing until mid-2024.  Phase 2 focuses on four pillars: Understand, Prioritise, Enable and Educate.

Recognising strategic assets located on heavy vehicle road networks and the contribution to the local, state and national freight task. 

Identifying assets on key routes for whole-of-journey network improvement and undertaking targeted asset assessments.

Providing road managers with access to self-help tools, such as the bridge family framework to enable digital modelling and the Vehicle Comparison tool for Bridges (VCB) within the NHVR Portal, which completes Tier 1 asset assessments in minutes.

Delivering resources, tools, webinars and structured learning via the Knowledge Hub, which will support road managers and industry to better understand the relationship between asset capability and across a range of vehicle configurations.

Phase 2 initiatives

Asset assessments

Phase 2, Round 2 asset assessments were recently completed, and in September, Phase 2, Round 3 of the project commenced. This Round will see a further 205 asset assessments scheduled across 39 councils which will include inspections, assessments and AIRs. Upon completion of this Round, SLGAAP will have conducted 795 engineering assessments across 106 councils nationally, fostering a deeper understanding of bridge and culvert capabilities. For more information on all of the Phases and Rounds of SLGAAP, visit the bottom of our homepage

Asset capability

The Asset capability module is a self-service asset information system available via the NHVR Portal. More than 4,000 assets have now been added to the Asset capability module, and nominations for SLGAAP are now completed via the module to support road manager utilisation of the platform. You can find more information on Asset nomination here

Vehicle Comparison tool for Bridges (VCB) 

Work is progressing on the Vehicle Comparison Tool for Bridges (VCB) (formerly known as ARAT), with the stand-alone prototype now being incorporated into the NHVR Portal.

The NHVR recently carried out a trial of the VCB with select Local Governments before progressing to a pilot with a broader group. The NHVR looks forward to updating our partners with more information for the next stages of the VCB for our pilot stage.

Priority routes

A total of 2,000+ heavy vehicle priority routes have been identified nationally on local government roads. The benefits of this activity include more targeted prioritisation and assessment of local government assets that deliver whole-of-journey improvements that play a critical role in transporting freight and connecting our regions and communities. Priority routes identified will be verified and amended through direct engagement with local government via collaborative workshops and events. For more information on this initiative, visit Priority Routes

For further information on SLGAAP, read Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) (PDF, 325KB).

Who we are - SLGAAP team

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   David White - Project Manager - Network Enhancement

   Melanie Cooper - Project Manager - Productivity Systems

 Stewart Garden - Chief Structural Engineer 

   Amir Eslami - Senior Structural Engineer

   Morteza Yamchelou - Structural Engineer

Conrad Ssebunya - Graduate Structural Engineer

   Nitisha Malloo - Senior Project Officer

   Beverley Batkin - Project Support Officer