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In late 2019 the Australian Government provided the NHVR with $7.96 million in grant funding, to assist road managers with assessments of assets on key local government roads. Under the Strategic Local Government asset Asessment Project (SLGAAP) Phase 1, 394 bridge assessments were completed. Based on this success, the NHVR approached the Australian Government for additional funding, and were allocated another $12.1 million over three years to continue the project.

The project will focus on national heavy vehicle assets (bridges and culverts) that specifically provide network access for Oversize/ Overmass (OSOM) vehicles.

The project will improve heavy vehicle access by:

  • Identifying current and potential key heavy vehicle routes on local roads
  • Assisting local governments with the management of road asset data related to heavy vehicles
  • Providing a central database that contains information on the road asset information and the use of heavy vehicles.

For more information read Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) (PDF, 325KB).