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There are 2 Phases in the Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project.

Pilot Phase - the pilot tests the asset assessment principles with pilot councils and jurisdictions.

Round 1 - Round 1 will roll out to a larger number of councils based on adjustments made from the Pilot Phase.

During both phases, we are seeking information from both Road Managers and Transport Operators about road assets that would benefit from an engineering assessment. For example, a bridge with restricted for OSOM movements or a culvert that is on a road connecting to the local heavy vehicle network.


What is SLGAAP?

The Australian Government provided the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) with more than $8 million in funding to assist road managers with the assessment of important infrastructure assets, like bridges and culverts. A better understanding of these assets on key local government heavy vehicle routes will improve heavy vehicle access across Australia.

The Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) was established in September 2019 and will complete its final implementation activities by the end of June 2021.

The intended outcomes of the national project are:

  • Identifying the capacity of current and potential heavy vehicle routes on key local government roads.
  • Engineering assessments to quantify the potential capacity of key local government-owned road assets.
  • To provide a single point for the collection, storage and sharing of road asset information for the benefit of heavy vehicle operators, road managers and regulatory partners.
  • To provide a resource toolkit to assist road managers with road asset assessment and decision-making regarding heavy vehicle access.

Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project

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SLGAAP Pilot Phase Current Status : (COMPLETED)

Engineering assessments for 100 assets are currently underway and due for completion in 2020. The assessment results will be published in the NHVR Portal Route Planner, giving road managers and industry the ability to select the best route for their vehicle movements.
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SLGAAP Round 1 Current Status : (NOMINATIONS CLOSED)

Round 1 was planned based on the key learnings and approaches tested during thePilot Phase. Outcomes of Round 1 will include: Data provision – enabling road asset data via GIS Develop/deliver the Advancement of a Road Manager Toolkit to support future engineering assessments. Uploading and sharing asset assessments and GIS data.
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SLGAAP Future Rounds Current Status : (EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST)

Register your interest We have already received more than 900 asset nominations for Round 1 and with such a high level of interest, the SLGAAP team is hoping to secure future project funding in order to complete all of these assessments. For any local governments who did not apply in Round 1 and would like to register interest in possible future ro...
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