The Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) assists road managers to better understand their assets by providing engineering assessments and supporting decision-making capability for heavy vehicle access.

By identifying priority heavy vehicle routes that include bridge or culvert crossings, the project can strategically prioritise 'routes of significance' for the national network and deliver best-value outcomes when selecting the assets for funded engineering assessments. Read more about the project background here.

SLGAAP Phase 2 is now underway and being delivered until 2024, with several funding rounds open for asset nomination.

SLGAAP's focus is to optimise the use of the road network


SLGAAP Phase 2 will:

üidentify assets on key routes for whole-of-journey network improvement

üundertake targeted asset assessments

 üdevelop a framework for bridge family assessment 

ü develop rapid asset assessment functionality in the NHVR Portal

üdeliver additional road manager education and training. 





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Round 2 is now open for Road Managers to nominate assets for funded engineering assessments.
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Register your interest to nominate assets for assessment in future rounds of the SLGAAP.
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The Road Manager Toolkit is designed to support local government road managers when making access decisions for heavy vehicles. It includes online learning modules and webinars, as well as commonly asked questions, key learnings, templates and tips.
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Closed Phases

Engineering assessments for 100 assets were completed in October 2020. Asset information will be published in the NHVR Portal Route Planner, via a map layer. This will give road managers and industry the ability to select the best route for their vehicle movements.
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Phase 1 - Round 1 was planned based on the key learnings and approaches tested during the Pilot. Outcomes of Phase 1 included: Data provision – enabling road asset data via GIS Develop/deliver the Advancement of a Road Manager Toolkit to support future engineerin...
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