The Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) assists local government road managers in undertaking heavy vehicle assessments of on-road assets, such as bridges and culverts. Working collaboratively with engineering consultants and local government road managers, the project supports councils to understand their asset capability better and inform heavy-vehicle access decision-making.

SLGAAP has a well-defined strategic focus. We aim to conduct comprehensive assessments of assets on important local roads and enhance the understanding of asset capability throughout the heavy vehicle network. This approach is based on the belief that prioritising asset assessments on critical heavy vehicle routes can yield numerous benefits for both local government and industry.

To achieve this, we have identified 2000+ priority heavy vehicle routes that involve bridge or culvert crossings. By doing so, we strategically prioritised "routes of significance" for the national network and selected the most suitable assets for funded engineering assessments, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

To learn more about SLGAAP and what we're doing, you can visit our About us page.

Phase 2

SLGAAP Phase 2 commenced in January 2022 and is currently ongoing until mid-2024.

Round 1 – January 2022 – June 2022

  • 71 assessments
  • Across 23 councils

Round 2 – April 2023 – September 2023

  • 125* assessments (*see more information on Phase 2 (Round 2) project page)
  • Across 33 councils

Round 3 – September 2023

  • 205 assessments
  • Across 42 councils

At the completion of Round 3, SLGAAP will have conducted 795 engineering assessments across 106 councils nationally, fostering a deeper understanding of bridge and culvert capabilities.

A further Round is scheduled in this Phase. To nominate your assets for future rounds, please express your interest in SLGAAP by nominating your asset via the NHVR Portal, see Asset Nomination for instructions.

SLGAAP will contact road managers who nominate assets and complete the EOI via the NHVR Portal when future Rounds of nominations are expected to open.

SLGAAP – Project benefits

This project will increase the available information about local government road assets, benefiting both road managers and the heavy vehicle industry by:

  • improving local government road manager understanding of asset capability and the ability to assess heavy vehicle access requests across a range of vehicle configurations
  • improving transport operator ability to consider an asset’s capability when planning their journey and increasing certainty along routes that include bridges and culverts.


“SLGAAP has provided Horsham Rural City Council with a much better understanding of the heavy vehicle capacity of our bridges. We knew that our bridges were old and not designed for current models of heavy vehicles, but we didn’t know the extent of the issues. SLGAAP has helped us obtain drawings and information on our bridges that we didn’t have previously. The SLGAAP team worked tirelessly to collect this information we are now better prepared with our asset management system and heavy vehicle access management of our bridges. Thank you to the SLGAAP team who were swift in answering queries and running a complex project very smoothly.” - Krishna Shrestha




Current Assessment Phases/ Rounds

We encourage all local councils and transport operators to share your views about assets (bridges and culverts) and the work the Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project is delivering.
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Nominations for funded engineering assessments for SLGAAP Phase 2 (Round 2) closed on 22 June 2022.
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SLGAAP Phase 2 (Round 3) commenced in September 2023. This round will continue for the remainder of Phase 2 with council asset details being updated as the round progresses.
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Register your interest to nominate assets for assessment in future Rounds of SLGAAP.
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SLGAAP Programs of Work

A national map of heavy vehicle routes owned by local government-owned, to support the project in identifying and prioritising asset assessments.
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Using a bridge family methodology, 'like' structures are grouped by age, construction material and type to determine if asset capability can be predicted.
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The Vehicle Comparison tool for Bridges (VCB) formerly Asset Rapid Assessment Tool (ARAT), is a simple line model assessment of an asset's capacity by comparing a reference vehicle with an application vehicle.
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Completed Assessment Phases/ Rounds

SLGAAP Phase 2 (Round 1) commenced in January 2022, with 71 asset assessments completed. These assets were selected from the 1000 assets nominated in 2021 under phase one of the project.
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The SLGAAP Phase 1 (Round 1) was planned based on the key learnings and approaches tested during the Pilot. Outcomes of Phase 1 included: Data provision – enabling road asset data via GIS Develop/deliver the Advancement of a Road Manager Toolkit to support future...
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Engineering assessments for 100 assets were completed in October 2020. Asset information will be published in the NHVR Portal Route Planner, via a map layer. This will give road managers and industry the ability to select the best route for their vehicle movements. See ...
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